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Gabriele Angelucci, in art Lele Dinero was born in Rimini. Since a child grows strong passion for John Travolta, in his formidable interpretations of Tony Manero of the films "The Saturday Night Fever" and "Stayn'alive" and Danny Zuko in the movie "Grease". Consider John Travolta as his only true teacher of dance like John Travolta, learning directly from him the same steps of those watching the films on video rallenty its formidable movements and expressions. Participates in various courses of jazz dance style television and funky jazz while maintaining intact the original style of his legend dance like John Travolta. In 1992 the great honor to improvise with the wonderful Olivia Newton John on a ballet music from Grease to the talk show of Maurizio Costanzo Show on Channel 5. From there, start a series of dates at discos, squares, casinos, conventions, cruise ships, shopping malls, television programs dancing with flaming dancers, the girls fever, and choreographer personally in the footsteps of his show. The great dream of Lele Dinero is to meet the great dance like John Travolta and to mention him along with some of the fever ... Joey was the first in Canada to continue to spread the ball fever since 1989 and, therefore, considers her like a fever pure version faithful to the film and considers any representations made by others as a mild form of "influence" that has always drawn from Lele Dinero ... And now, on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the film "The Saturday Night Fever" Hamish has created this site in order to spread His Dance Fever in the world, allowing any person of any age, young and old, to learn a new and sparkling dance group for a fun and healthy natural without the need for artificial fillers .. whose slogan is "fun without stunned!" So you look at my page number LESSONS ON LINE.

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