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Seventies dance show

Disco fever entertainment Show The Dance Fever Show is an electrifying choreography by Joey Dinero and his ballet (from 2 to 12 elements) on excerpts from the soundtrack of "The Saturday Night Fever." The show may have a duration varying from 15 to 60 minutes, depending on the circumstances, with the possibility of involving the audience with a sparkling dance group. Valencia to complete includes: choreography, full service (stage and lights), presenter and presenter and cover band "Let's Groove", made up of 6 elements, which will perform live music evocative'70s. Is can also require the provision of posters, with a circulation from 30 to 50 pieces. E 'can request Disco fever entertainment Show with various dance:

1 - Joey Dinero and 2 dancers

2 - Lele Dinero and 4 dancers

3 - Joey Dinero 4 dancers and 2 dancers

4 - Joey Dinero, 6 dancers and 2 dancers

5 - Joey Dinero, 8 dancers and 2 dancers

6 - Lele Dinero, 9 dancers and dancers 3.

The show complete with presenter and cover band, provides training least Lele Dinero and 6 dancers, or Lele Dinero, 4 dancers and 2 dancers. To request a quote is simply send an e-mail specifying the setting where the show takes place (squares, convention, shopping centers, hotels, casinos, discos, fashion shows, weddings, beauty contests, cruise ships, etc. ... ) And the type of training to the following address: dancefevershow@leledinero.it.

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